St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari
in a 4X4 Ex-British Army Troop Truck

St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari 4X4 Ex-British Army Troop Truck photo

"An Off-the-Beaten-Track
St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari"

The St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari is an exciting Caribbean 4X4 driving safari on board a 4X4 Ex-British Army Troop Truck. This St Kitts 4X4 tour takes you on an island adventure across the crest of a panoramic and picturesque Peninsula mountain range. The tour stops at strategic lookouts that offer breath taking views of the turbulent Atlantic Ocean and the sleepy Caribbean Sea - all at the same time! You will definitely be amazed by the stunning vistas of the surrounding coastline, lovely bays, beautiful beaches, arid hill sides and compelling views of the sister island of Nevis and the turquoise and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A section of the Royal St. Kitts Golf Course with the St Kitts Marriott Resort in the background

After boarding the 4X4 Ex-British Army Troop Truck, the St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari proceeds along the outskirts of the capital city of Basseterre, passing though the main resort area of Frigate Bay, where the St Kitts Marriott Resort and the Royal Beach Casino are located, and where there is an 18-hole championship golf course. The course opened originally back in 1976, but was recently redesigned by famed Canadian architect Thomas McBroom.

St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari photo- The Friar's Bay salt pond and surrounding hills

The Caribbean 4X4 driving safari then enters unto the Dr Kennedy Simmonds Highway (officially opened in 1989) from the third roundabout in Frigate Bay to proceed up Sir Timothy's Hill. Upon reaching the crest of Timothy Hill, there is a brief photo stop to allow you the opportunity to experience the awesome views of the pristine Southeast Peninsula area of St. Kitts, an area that prior to 1989 was only accessible by boat or by hiking over steep hills.

St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari photo - the Atlantic coast overlooking North Friars Bay towards the St Kitts Marriott Resort in the distance

From there, your St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari drives across the winding mountain highway, before stopping at another photo locale with excellent views of the rugged coastline and the capital city Basseterre in the distance. Proceeding onwards, you arrive at the base of a small hillock, to start your casual stroll through grassy plains to the top of a 200ft hill, where you will observe a sprawling Salt Pond in an extinct Volcano Crater. You will also explore the foundation ruins of an old Overseer's House and be entertained by tales of this environmentally protected area, which was once a thriving village.

St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari photo of Cockleshell Bay Beach

Upon returning from your leisurely wander, you reboard the truck for the continuation of the St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari to Cockleshell Bay at the extreme tip of St. Kitts. Here you will be able to enjoy a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea and enjoy one of the beautiful leeward St. Kitts beaches scattered along the Southeast Peninsula coast. Do remember to wear your swimsuits and bring along your beach towels and sun block if you plan on taking the plunge at Cockleshell Bay. And if you are not up to swimming, you can choose to hunt for sea shells, relax on the beach or just enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and St. Kitts' sister island Nevis just two miles across "The Narrows", the channel separating the two islands. A picnic complete with tasty local island snacks, fruits in season and fresh homemade juices is served right here at Cockleshell Bay. I have no doubt that it will excite your taste buds. (Side note - There is an interesting luxury residential community planned for the Scotch Bonnet Peninsula that overlooks Cockleshell Bay and Turtle Beach with views of Nevis.)

St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari picnic photo

After this exhilarating excursion, you will return to the starting point of the St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari via the same scenic route. And believe me, the ride back is just as exciting and you are almost certain to catch glimpses of the area that you may have missed on the way over.

St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari photo - Great Salt Pond with the peak of Mt Nevis shoruded in clouds

Once you have experienced the St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari, I am sure that you will agree with me that the Southeast Peninsula area of St. Kitts is indeed unique visual habitat offering an intriguing blend of scenic vistas, compelling landscapes, beautiful beaches and interesting salt ponds. It is a photographer's paradise indeed, so I encourage you to bring your cameras and camcorders along. This tours is definitely a fantastic Caribbean 4X4 driving safari adventure that should not be missed!

Tour Particulars

Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Includes: Round trip transportation, refreshments and tour guide
Tour Group Size: Minimum - 12 persons, Maximum - 26 persons
Cancellation Policy: Final tour numbers to be provided at least 24 hours in advance. 50% cancellation charge if cancelled within 24 hours after the final numbers are received.

If you have questions about the St Kitts Southeast Peninsula Safari or would like to book this tour please complete the tour booking enquiry form.

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