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Language and Style
Reviews should be written in standard English and should not contain insulting language, profanity, threats, hate language or promote illegal activity. Please use standard e-mail etiquette i.e. no ALL CAPS, HTML tags or excessive use of smilies. You should try to provide as much detail as possible, but in a clear and concise manner. Remember, site visitors are interested in knowing why you liked or disliked the subject of your review, thus clear explanations will help answer any questions they may have.

Write your review in the same tone as if you were talking to a friend, as this would make it easier to read and digest.

Original and from your own perspective
Your review must be original, i.e. it should not be quoted from other sources. It must be written from your experience as a traveler. We will not publish your review if it is a second hand story from a friend of yours or does not relate to your own travel experiences.

No advertising
The reviews you submit should be non-commercial in nature. We will not publish any reviews that are clearly commercial in nature or are aimed at promoting a specific business. We will not publish commercial web addresses or e-mail addresses. We reserve the right to edit or refuse to publish any such review.

Since the purpose of publishing reviews is to provide information that other travelers will find relevant and helpful, your review should be relevant to other travelers. We will not entertain opinions related to politics, ethnicity or religion.

Balanced views
Visitors are interested in hearing about your total experience i.e. the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore, when submitting reviews, please try to present a balanced review. We will not published reviews that report incidences of death, violent criminal activity or drug or other illegal activities. Reviews that are written with the expressed intent to smear a property or establishment will not be published. Although we will publish reviews that relate to negative experiences we would like to encourage you to also include the positive aspects of your experiences. If you have a bad experience at a hotel, restaurant or on a tour, I encourage you to bring it to the attention of the management, so they can try to correct their mistake and improve their service to you. However, in an effort to raise the quality of service provided by the hospitality industry in St. Kitts and Nevis, I will try to bring matters which in my opinion warrant urgent action to the attention of the management of the respective hotel, restaurant or tour.

Permission to use your reviews
By submitting a review, you grant permission for us to use your written material freely as we see fit on this site as well as on any sites that we are affiliated with, or in any campaigns or promotions that we may undertake.

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Since we will need to notify you when your review is published, please use a valid e-mail address when submitting your review. If we are unable to contact you via e-mail we will not publish your review. To prevent your e-mail address from being harvested by SPAM bots, we will not publish your e-mail address with your review. We value your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with any third parties.

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